ThrustMe’s NPT300 product family is a fully integrated propulsion system based on classical gridded ion thruster technology. The NPT300 is a neutralizer free system leveraging ThrustMe’s patented AC acceleration technology. This allows for a simple and efficient propulsion solution that can be mass produced. The NPT300 is currently in R&D stage.
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No Neutralizer

Conventional plasma-based propulsion systems (such as ion and hall thrusters) in the 5-15 mN range (or 200 - 500 W power range) suffer from reduced efficiency, and high complexity. The NPT300 was conceived with mega satellite constellations in mind. We applied first-principles thinking to innovate in a technology that has not radically changed since the 60s. Are you interested in understanding how our innovative AC acceleration technology works? Click here

Designed to cost

The NPT300 is currently being designed and developed to meet the price and lead time targets of our end-users without compromising on reliability and quality.

Operation friendly

Self-driven or autonomous cars leveraging digital technologies (big data and artificial intelligence) to operate as a continuous and connected fleet is becoming reality. Although the number density will be much lower, the same fleet autonomy will be required for a constellation of thousands of satellites. Not only will the individual satellite have to operate at a high level of autonomy, but the whole fleet will require smart interactions. At ThrustMe, we approach this in two steps: Today, we provide intelligent propulsion systems at satellite level. Tomorrow, we will support you in the propulsive operations and optimisation of mission orbital maneuvers on fleet level.

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