Tailored solutions

Our mechanical design team fully conceives ThrustMe’s complete range of products; both propulsion and scientific tools. We test all of our products and prototypes and continually iterate on our designs to improve performances.

Our experience in designing miniaturized propulsion systems for small satellites have led our team to pay particularly close attention to the structural and thermal integrity of its designs. Small satellites have more and more available power. While this is great for their capacity to perform sophisticated missions, it can lead to challenging thermal and mechanical management issues.

Contrary to sub-systems at larger satellites, the thermal heat in each sub-systems needs to be independently controlled and handled. At ThrustMe we have developed systems with thermally passive management handling power densities of more than 700 W/m2.

Using our design softwares and facilities we can design your system, simulate its thermal behavior under various conditions, assemble and then test your system to validate our proposed solutions. ThrustMe possesses its own mechanical workshop as well as multiple vacuum facilities which can have a pressure as low as 10-7 mBar and house structures up to 0.75 x 0.75 x 1m.