Head of Product Development

ThrustMe is a fast-growing industrial engineering startup in the space sector, founded in 2017. We are highly educated world experts in satellite space propulsion, pioneering the field of streamlined in-orbit propulsion for the rising satellite constellation paradigm. We help our clients in the US, Europe, and Asia, to maneuver satellites once in space while meeting their short timelines and cost-capped budgets. The company made history in 2019 and 2020 with the world's first in-orbit demonstrations of iodine-fueled electric propulsion systems, technologies that will revolutionize the satellite mobility industry. ThrustMe entered the market in 2019/2020 and has a solid commercial pipeline forecasting rapid growth in 2022.

As Head of Product Development at ThrustMe, you will be a part of the technical team leadership. You will lead development and testing of the propulsion systems and their components, managing a team of up to 10 highly educated aerospace engineers. The product development team will also support all ongoing missions, making sure that flight heritage is properly transferred. You will ensure connection to the R&D and production departments, establishing continuous feedback to the production team for setting up new processes and technologies, and manage qualification process for all new products.

You will also ensure that the production development team achieves its targets in terms of schedule, quality, and budget. You will be responsible for writing agency applications, running projects and reporting on them. You will report directly to the CTO, and closely coordinate with the CEO and the commercial team.


Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Manage the product development process for the existing and new propulsion systems (electric, gas and chemical)
  • Manage flight data analysis and corresponding feedback
  • Manage qualification process
  • Lead the team by example
  • Investigate bottlenecks and risks in the products, and propose improvements in terms of quality and timeliness
  • Work with the R&D and production teams in developing upgrades to existing products, and setting up the production procedures for the new ones
  • Manage agency projects and write new proposals


Required skills and qualifications

  • Master’s or PhD degree in physics or engineering (aerospace, plasma, mechanical, electrical, or related field) with a focus on development or applied science
  • 3+ yrs experience in product development of plasma or electric propulsion systems
  • Broad knowledge of applied engineering disciplines, with a focus on fundamental knowledge
  • Experience in recruiting and management
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced startup workplace
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, knowledge of French is a plus
  • Excellent writing and reporting skills


Salary is determined by the level of education and related work experience and certifications.

Apply directly to careers@thrustme.fr submitting your CV and a motivation letter