Our Team

A diversified and highly qualified team 

ThrustMe is made up of talents from diverse backgrounds and industries including research, medical devices, semiconductors and aerospace.

ThrustMe possesses expertise both in theoretical subjects such as space propulsion, analog electronics, thermo-dynamics, plasma physics, thermal engineering, chemistry, simulation as well as applied know how in experimental physics and manufacturing.


Ane Aanesland
Ane Aanesland is a recognized expert in plasma physics and electric propulsion with more than 60 scientific publications. She likes “impossible” challenges and biked from Oslo to Rome in 21 days (2940 km) and ran a half-marathon in 1h42 minutes. Ane holds a PhD from the Arctic University of Norway.
Dmytro Rafalskyi
Dmytro Rafalskyi is an expert in plasma physics and propulsion. He is the author of more than 20 scientific publications, 4 patents, and more than 40 conference contributions including 5 invited talks and lectures. Dmytro enjoys playing 5 musical instruments, building RC aircrafts and biking. Dmytro holds a PhD from Kharkiv National University.

Advisory Board