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ThrustMe is a deep-tech company in the space industry. We develop and manufacture smart and fully-integrated space propulsion systems for next-generation satellites. We also develop scientific instruments and conduct ground testing of space hardware, and we assist our clients when they need our expertise and experience in tackling thermal, mechanical and electronical challenges.


Ideal for cubesats

The I2T5

Designed with CubeSats in mind, the I2T5 will increase the competitiveness of your mission, and allow you to be prepared for the upcoming national and international space debris regulations. Leveraging our expertise with iodine propellant, we have developed a unique, non-pressurized, stand-alone cold gas thruster with a performance ideally suited to CubeSat missions. It couldn’t be simpler!

Safe • Convenient • Economical

Take control of your smallsat

The NPT30

The NPT30 series is a miniaturized electric propulsion system for advanced orbital maneuvers. Its modular design and intelligent operation control makes it ideal for small satellites with ambition. The thruster is delivered with either solid iodine propellant (NPT30-I2) or with pressurized xenon (NPT30-Xe), and the operational modes are tailored for your need.


Intelligent and throttleable • Unprecedented performance • Constellation friendly

Make your smallsat constellations sustainable

The NPT300

The NPT300 is being conceived for the satellite mega-constellations, keeping in mind the complexity of manufacturing 1000s of highly technical products as well as the required smart and intelligent operations. The NPT300 is a revolutionary electric propulsion system leveraging our patented technologies. Today we work on delivering intelligent propulsion systems; tomorrow we will ensure autonomous propulsive operations safely.

No neutralizer • Designed to cost • Operation friendly

Focus on the physics, we take care of the tools

Ground and space equipment

Gain new insights into your research or test space hardware before launch, with ThrustMe’s ion sources, probes and sensors. Already in use in multiple research laboratories around the world, we offer scientists the tools that allow them to focus on their physics instead of developing equipment.

Tell us what you need - We'll make it happen

For Engineers

Did you ever have a clever idea but could not test it out? Perhaps the scientific instrument or tool needed could not be acquired or would be too difficult to make? Innovative projects often always have this challenge, and you are not alone.

At ThrustMe, we design, manufacture, test, and deliver customized electronic solutions, can help you with both thermal and mechanical design, and more.

For the curious minded

Discover our Innovations

Are you passionate about space propulsion, new technologies, and innovation? So are we! We have gone from performing fundamental research, to developing state-of-the art commercial products - breaking down silos and preconceptions along the way. We would love to share our knowledge and technology with you!

Why care about space propulsion?

Imagine increasing the number of operational satellites in orbit by one order of magnitude in the next ten years – this is where we are currently headed! For space to remain sustainable with so many satellites, intelligent, constellation-friendly propulsion systems are, and will be, a necessity.

Daring Innovation

Years of research, and a significant number of unique high-tech solutions, have gone – and are still going - into our various products. Good ideas – inventions -  don’t fall from the sky, they don’t arrive by luck – they are a result of combining curiosity with knowledge. Bringing them to life takes courage - the guts to not be mainstream and the audacity to upset the status quo.

Who we are

ThrustMe was founded in early 2017, leveraging more than 10 years of applied and fundamental research at one of the most prestigious research centers in France; the Ecole Polytechnique and the CNRS. Today, we are a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team with expertise in plasma physics, space propulsion, aerospace engineering, fluid dynamics, thermal management, digital and power electronics, and chemistry.