The I2T5

Imagine having a cold gas thruster without a pressurized propellant tank – such a system is now available!
ThrustMe’s I2T5 is a non-pressurized cold gas propulsion system operating with solid iodine propellant. The I2T5 stand-alone system includes the propellant storage, flow control, power processing unit (PPU), as well as thermal management and intelligent operation all embedded into a 0.5U form factor.
The I2T5 is designed for CubeSats and nanosats.
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I2T5 Advantages


CubeSats are often launched in large batches on a ridesharing basis where they share the launch with a larger, more expensive satellite. They therefore need to be designed with additional safety factors in mind.

Passive during launch: The iodine propellant is stored in solid form. During launch, the I2T5 is therefore passive and poses no explosion risk. Only once in space when power is applied does it sublimate to generate the pressures needed to accelerate the iodine gas through a micro-nozzle. The tank pressure during operation is much lower than 1 bar, so the I2T5 is very safe for the satellite, even when firing.


Imagine the integration and operation of tens to hundreds of satellites (The development of constellations with tens or hundreds of satellites poses a big challenge for suppliers. All sub-systems need to adapt to this new paradigm. The I2T5 already is.

Easy Shipping: The I2T5 is ITAR-free and does not have any high-pressure propellant tank – this enables seamless delivery wherever you are in the world.

Easy launch: The I2T5 comes pre-filled and with non-pressurized qualification requirements. Be relaxed at the launch pad – no safety tag to remove, no propellant tank to fill, and no additional paperwork – you’re all set to go!

Customizable: The I2T5 can be tailored to your needs. Flexible geometry, adjustable propellant mass, and a thrust magnitude and direction to fit your mission.

Affordable: The I2T5 was designed to be affordable. We want to give all CubeSats the possibility to use propulsion and contribute to making space sustainable.


Volume, power, and budget are limited resources for CubeSats/nanosats. The I2T5 has been designed taking these factors into account.

Small volume: Iodine is a solid at room temperature with a density of 4.94 g/cm3. This is 3 to 10 times higher than that of pressurized xenon, and 5 times higher than that of pressurized liquid Butane.

Low power: Iodine has a low vapour pressure at typical ambient temperatures, and sublimates directly to a gas with only moderate heating. Therefore, only 5 W of steady power from a DC bus is necessary to operate the I2T5 aboard your spacecraft.

How it works

What our customers say about it

“We selected to work with ThrustMe’s I2T5 for the Robusta-3A mission because of its convenience and safety. The product opens many doors for the propulsion of our future CubeSat Missions.”
Xavier Laurand, Lead systems engineer at CSU Montpellier