Our Scientific Papers

Refereed journal articles

  1. T. Lafleur and N. Apffel

LEO constellation phasing using miniaturized low-thrust propulsion systems

Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, in press (2020).

  1. L. Habl, D. Rafalskyi, and T. Lafleur

Ion beam diagnostic for the assessment of miniaturized electric propulsion systems

Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 093501 (2020).


  1. T. Lafleur and D. Rafalskyi                             

Radio-frequency biasing of ion acceleration grids                                   

Plasma Sources Science and Technology 27, 125004 (2018).


  1. D. Rafalskyi and A. Aanesland                  

Coincident ion acceleration and electron extraction for space propulsion using the self-bias formed on a set of RF biased grids bounding a plasma source                             

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 47, 495203 (2014).


Conference Proceedings

  1. J. Martínez Martínez, D. Rafalskyi, E. Zorzoli Rossi and A. Aanesland                  

Development, Qualification and First Flight Data of the Iodine Based Cold Gas Thruster for CubeSats                      

5th IAA Conference on University Satellite Missions and CubeSat Workshop, Rome, Italy, January 28- 31, 2020.


  1. J. Martínez Martínez, D. Rafalskyi and A. Aanesland                  

Development and Testing of the NPT30-I2 Iodine Ion Thruster                           

36th  International  Electric  Propulsion Conference, University of Vienna, Austria,September 15-20, 2019, Paper IEPC-2019-811.