Electric Propulsion Engineer

ThrustMe is a fast-growing industrial engineering startup in the space sector, founded in 2017. We are highly educated world experts in satellite space propulsion, pioneering the field of streamlined in-orbit propulsion for the rising satellite constellation paradigm. We help our clients in the US, Europe, and Asia, to maneuver satellites once in space while meeting their short timelines and cost-capped budgets. The company made history in 2019 and 2020 with the world's first in-orbit demonstrations of iodine-fueled electric propulsion systems, technologies that will revolutionize the satellite mobility industry.

As a Elecric Propulsion Engineer at ThrustMe, you will work on the design, simulation and testing of advanced propulsion systems. You will work on the improvement of existing products, as well as on clean-slate new developments. By joining the Product Development Team, you will be at the interface between cutting edge research and mass production, turning novel concepts into flight-ready systems.

Your responsibilities

  • Design novel propulsion systems and their subcomponents.
  • Integrate inputs from a broad range of sources (theory, simulation, experiments, etc.) into the design work.
  • Perform thermal, fluid dynamics and plasma simulations.
  • Perform and support experiments with thrusters and their subsystems.
  • Collaborate with engineers and physicists in the development and industrialization of ground-breaking products.
  • Regularly reporting to the Head of Product Development.


Skills and qualifications

  • Masters or PhD degree in aerospace engineering or plasma physics.
  • Solid understanding of fundamental engineering and propulsion related subjects (heat transfer, fluid dynamics, plasma, etc.).
  • Knowledge/experience of gridded ion and/or Hall effect thrusters.
  • Experience with CAD and FEA/CFD software.
  • Demonstrable technical writing and reporting skills.
  • Hands-on experience in academic or industrial laboratories, or through student projects is an asset.
  • Communicates in English fluently.


The position is open for new graduates and experienced candidates.


Apply directly to careers@thrustme.fr submitting your CV and a motivation letter