Intern Testimonials

Interns have worked with us during the years. 
Read what they have to say about ThrustMe.

Dimitri Accad

Who are you ?
I am an aeronautical and aerospace engineering student from IPSA. I am currently doing an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.
How did you come into contact with ThrustMe?
I attended the NewSpace forum at École Polytechnique in order to find an internship. Prior to coming to this event, ThrustMe was a very appealing startup to me, and speaking with Romain and Thomas at the ThrustMe booth during the NewSpace forum confirmed this fact.
What was your internship about?
My main mission was to find new methods to handle iodine for the I2T5 thruster. However, working in a such dynamic startup involves many other varied tasks such as finding suppliers for equipment, helping to perform experiments, and even learning soldering.
What is your main take-away from this experience?
Besides learning the process involved in the creation of machinable parts, my main take-away from this experience was the contact with suppliers; how to negotiate a good deal.  It was a thrilling experience.
What did you enjoy the most during your time here ?
One of the most enjoyable things was feeling everyone's passion, from the willingness to share their knowledge, to the lively lunchtime debates. Learning something new everyday and the fact that your work really helps the company is the most rewarding feeling.
Which tip would you give to future interns?
Don't forget to lock your computer screen when you walk away from it, or else it’ll feature a brand-new wallpaper when you get back…