Intern Testimonials

Interns have worked with us during the years. 
Read what they have to say about ThrustMe.

Justine Guillermou

Who are you ?
I am a propulsion and space systems engineer.
I have Master's degrees from ENSTA Bretagne, ISAE ENSMA and an advanced master degree from ISAE-SUPAERO.
What drew you to ThrustMe?
I love challenges and the fact that ThrustMe became a significant player in the New Space market so rapidly was very appealing to me.
What was your mission at ThrustMe?
During my 6 months master’s internship, I was in charge of implementing and continuously improving the quality process at ThrustMe. One of my challenges was to introduce qualification and quality processes while still allowing a very agile innovation culture.
What did you discover ?
Beyond strengthening my technical knowledge in electric propulsion, this internship was the opportunity to discover the area of aerospace qualification and quality and the complexity in its implementation when you want to bring new products to the market.
What did you enjoy the most during your time here ?
I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The people working at ThrustMe are extremely passionate and are coming from all over the world to work here. This makes ThrustMe a fascinating and open-minded workplace.
Which tip would you give to future interns?
If you are proud of your origins and of your local food, be prepared to valiantly defend them over lunch!