Intern Testimonials

Interns have worked with us during the years. 
Read what they have to say about ThrustMe.

Harsha Pavuluri

Who are you ?
I’m an Electrical Engineer with a specialization in Space Science and Technology.I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s degree in Space Science and Technology.
How did you come in contact with ThrustMe?
My first contact with ThrustMe was for a summer internship in 2018, just after the first year of my master’s. I read about the company in a news article, found it very interesting and wrote to them. After the summer internship, I also did my Master thesis at ThrustMe.
What was your internship about?
The summer internship involved selecting a microcontroller and writing a part of the embedded software for the NPT30 thruster. The objective of my master thesis was to build an automated testbed to facilitate the testing of ThrustMe's Electric Thrusters with minimal human intervention by applying various source and load conditions, emulating events and performing instrumentation during the test process.
Other than that, I participated in several other technical activities, usually involving programming and building electronic circuits.
What is your main take-away from this experience ?
I learned a wide range of engineering skills and gained some very valuable practical experience. I am confident that the experience at ThrustMe would prove to be very helpful for my studies and for my career. Another lesson I learned is – If you CAN, avoid I2C.
What did you enjoy the most during your time here ?
The encouraging and constructive environment at ThrustMe. There is a diverse multinational culture here with very friendly, skilled and open-minded people. I also enjoyed the fast-paced and rewarding startup culture where I could, for example, order and get PCBs or electronic components very fast, allowing rapid prototyping.
Which tip would you give to future interns?
If you’re not from around here, start looking for housing early, and invest time on it because it is not very easy to find a house around Paris.
Try to spark a long lunch debate at least twice a month – it’s fun.