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Space Operation Support Engineer

As a Space Operations Engineer at ThrustMe, your job is to help our customers get the most out of our propulsion system aboard their spacecraft. You are the detective reconstructing what is going on in space from telemetry and knowledge of the system, doing everything necessary to solve the case – be it improving performance or resolving in-orbit problems. You interface with satellite operators, but also with all the experts on the ground.

Client Technical Support Specialist

As a Client Technical Support Specialist at ThrustMe, you will combine your technical acumen with your exceptional communication skills to ensure our clients receive unparalleled support and service. You will work closely with both our clients and our internal technical teams to troubleshoot, communicate, and resolve issues, ensuring our space propulsion solutions exceed client expectations.

HR Generalist

Now, we are on the lookout for a dynamic HR Generalist to empower our team and fuel our journey. In this role, you'll be the backbone of our thriving environment, harmonizing our most valuable assets: our people. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will involve a spectrum of HR functions from talent acquisition to employee engagement, each contributing to our collective success.

Marketing and Communication Specialist

As a Marketing and Communications Specialist at ThrustMe, you will be in charge of our brand and communications strategy, translating our technical expertise into narratives that resonate with a diverse audience. Your role will be key in developing and executing marketing campaigns that highlight our innovative solutions and solidify our position as leaders in the sector. You will create the voice of ThrustMe, ensuring consistency and impact across all platforms, from our website to social media channels.

Plasma Physicist

As Plasma Physicist at ThrustMe’s Innovation team, you will be in charge of the development of new concepts and early-stage prototypes of plasma systems for ionosphere representation. You will also work on challenging beam and plasma diagnostic problems, ranging from plasma characterization to setting up home-made diagnostic tools like ExB and time-of-flight probes. By joining the Innovation Team, you will be at the interface between research and new product development, defining novel concepts and turning them into future cutting-edge technologies.

Industrialization Engineer

As an Industrialization Engineer at ThrustMe, you are crucial in transforming innovative designs into tangible, flight-ready propulsion systems. Your mission is to ensure that the team's ideas will become efficient and reliable propulsion systems, ready to manoeuvre satellites. You will bridge the gap between groundbreaking research and large-scale production, making sure our products stand up to the rigours of space before they are deployed globally.

Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer at ThrustMe, you'll be designing the mechanical aspects of our advanced propulsion systems, including their internal subcomponents. Your designs will confront the harsh realities of space, enduring extreme thermal, vibrational, and shock conditions. Integrating with our Product Development Team, you stand at the crossroads of groundbreaking research and large-scale production, transforming innovative ideas into systems ready to launch.

Internship/Alternance Quality Technician

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